Students' Orientation

Click the buttons below to visit MSU-IIT's website, sign up for My.IIT account (for new students only), sign in for attendance, attend asynchronous discussions and submit assignments, provide feedback, and ask for assistance.

Pre Orientation

1. Open the InFLeX Students' Orientation classroom in MOLÉ and enrol through this link: MOLE Classroom

  • Use your MY.IIT account and password to access the MOLÉ

      • To enrol, use the keys provided for each college below:

College Keys

CASS Cassstudent2020!

CBAA Cbaastudent2020!

CCS Ccsstudent2020!

CED Cedstudent2020!

COET Coetstudent2020!

CON Constudent2020!

CSM Csmstudent2020!

2. Access and become familiar with MOLÉ and the InFLeX Students' Orientation General section activities and resources.

3. Access the Webinar, Pre-activities, and Other Resource section of the same MOLÉ classroom and do the following pre-activities: