The Center for eLearning of the MSU-Iligan Institute of Technology (MICeL) has various facilities that are made available for academic-related functions. Reservations can be made by booking. Click here.

Training Room

The training room is a dynamic environment which can accommodate a wide range of activities that allow learners to meet, learn, share ideas and collaborate. The room features 24 units of flat-screen computers, 2 projector screens, 2 glass boards, 4 loudspeakers, 2 wireless microphones, 65” flat screen Smart TV, audio mixer, laser pointer, and a lectern. The Training room has additional outlets on the floor and walls as well as work surfaces such as folding tables for learners who want to use their laptops. The room can be extended (as it has a folding partition) which can hold to a maximum of 45 people.

Conference Room

The conference room is located on the mezzanine, which is used for meetings, thesis defense online, webinars, and team discussions. The conference room features a 55” flat screen Smart TV, video camera for the online conference, laptop for presentations, and tables and chairs for discussions. This conference room can accommodate up to 15 people. Additional folding tables are available if needed.


MICeL has a functional mini-studio which is utilized for video recording for faculty eLearning content development. The room is equipped with a digital SLR camera, a light stand, a microphone, a 24” flat-screen Smart TV and a LCD projector.