eLearning resources have been made available to contribute to the innovation of the teaching system.


MSU-IIT's Online Learning Environment (MOLÉ) is a Moodle-based facility that allows faculty members to connect with their students virtually wherever and whenever they want.

MOLÉ Quick Start Guide

This quick guide covers MOLÉ topics that guide faculty members in the creation, structuring and management of their courses and students on how to enroll, edit user profile, respond to activities and find resources in the course. View or download the files below.

Teacher's Quick Guide

  1. Request a Course

  2. Add Activities and Resources

  3. Manage Question Bank

  4. Enroll in a Course

  5. Track Student Progress

  6. Grade Student Work

Student's Quick Guide

  1. MOLÉ Quick Tour

  2. Enrol in a Course

  3. View Grades and Track Progress

  4. Submit an Assignment

  5. Answer a Quiz / Exam

  6. Install Moodle App on your mobile device

The Interactive Classroom

MOLÉ Help Site has been developed to provide faculty and students with tutorials that will help them learn about MOLÉ.

G Suite for Education

G Suite for Education are cloud-based tools developed by Google cloud. Its tools comprises Classroom, Gmail, Calendar, Drive, Docs, Sheets, Slides, Forms, Sites, Google scholar, Google meet, and Hangouts.


G Suite for Education Tutorials are created to help educators start creating online learning opportunities using a suite of tools. The tutorial files can also be downloaded.

Online Resources for Teaching and Learning