InFLeX Webinar Series

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Watch the live session on July 15, 2020 at 10:00 AM through this link:

Click the buttons below to sign in for attendance, ask questions during live sessions, attend asynchronous discussions and submit assignments, provide feedback, and ask for assistance.

Webinar Session Rules

Question shall be thrown through Slido only

Click the Q & A button to ask questions or you may visit and input the event code 13012.

Mute your microphones

All participants and non-speakers of the session must mute their mic throughout the webinar.

Pre Webinar Reminders

  • Install the Moodle app in your mobile gadget/s (type for your site address). Use your My.IIT account to sign in.

  • Open the InFLeX classroom in MOLÉ and enrol through this link:

  • To enrol, use the keys provided for each college below:

College Keys

  • Access and become familiar with MOLE and the InFLeX classroom's training modules/topics, webinar link, activities, submission bin, and forum discussion board

  • Engage in pre-training activity, in the MOLE InFLeX classroom

Post Webinar

Access WORKSHOP materials in InFLeX Classroom

  • Lecture ppt slides

  • Recorded webinar and Podcast

  • Workshop

Participants are required to:

  • Work on the required output and submit it in the MOLÉ (InFLeX classroom) submission bin on/before the submission date

  • Complete the evaluation form of the webinar session package

  • Upon completion of the above (submitted output and evaluation form), participants will receive a certificate of participation for the specific session

  • Certificate of Completion will be issued for faculty who have participated in all sessions of the InFLeX Modality Program.

  • Note: Syllabus/output must be checked or critiqued by the QC (thru the dept chair)